Easy Tips for Boosting your Testosterone Naturally!

​While declining levels of Testosterone is a naturally occurring event in Men, it is not something that most men deal with very well. And while there are Pharmaceuticals your Doctor can prescribe, they do come with BIG Downsides. Your Body essentially shuts down it's own production.

So what is the solution. Well here we will give you a few things to do that are easy adds and lifestyle changes. And of course, we can't get out of this without recommending MVP Testo as well!

While Physicians and Pharma companies might want you to trust that their medications as the defacto answer, we prefer a more natural route.

So before we jump in let's learn a little bit about your Testosterone.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the common steroid hormone created for the most part by the organs in the human body. Men create it in their gonads, and ladies deliver it in their ovaries.

The purpose of testosterone in men is to build up the male sexual organs amid adolescence and to go about as an anabolic (development making) hormone. In its ability as an anabolic hormone, it is in charge of expanding muscle growth, building bone thickness, affecting attributes, for example, facial and body hair, developing of the voice, and male facial / skeletal features. Strong and Chiseled looking.

As men reach 35-40 years old, testosterone will start to decrease at a rate of around 1-3% every year. Some of the negative effects are muscle weight reduction, weaker bones, general physical softness, and decreasing sex drive.

So here are a few things (along with MVP Testo) that you can do to prevent the downslide.

Ways to Naturally Boost your Testosterone Levels

​Lift HEAVY... and use the HIT System (High Intensity Training)

Plenty of QUALITY Sleep

Reduce Stress and Anxiety (Naturally)

Avoid Estrogen Producing Foods (Soy?)

#1: Lift Heavy Weights and Do HIIT Cardio

Testosterone was observed to be ELEVATEDin men specifically following intense weight lifting

Include INTENSE Cardio along with both Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness

#2: Get Plenty of High-Quality REM Sleep

No explanation needed here. During Sleep your body produces Testosterone and HGH.

#3: Reduce Stress

Stress Produces Cortisol and Cortisol eats Muscle and creates a FAT Growth Environment in the Body.

#4: Avoid Sources of Estrogen-like Chemicals 

(Look up EEEC's and estrogen production) But there are also foods that aid in the production of estrogen. Limit your intake of these foods.

#5: Take Supplements:

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